Sport & Action Photography
Abbey Digital specializes in sport and general event photography in the Greater Sydney and regional NSW areas. Our focus is providing action photographs of participants made available to participants within hours of the event 

Established in 2004, the business really started once digital equipment came to rival film in producing high quality, high-volume photographs. As our name suggests, our work is done using exclusively digital equipment. Up to 2019 photos were made available via our own website, but since 2020 we are making photos exclusively via the GeoSnaphots platform that offer specialized web technology like facial recognition and bib/number identification 

How we work
All photographs are reviewed for suitability before being made available on GeoSnapshots website. Photos are then grouped and presented on the website in 'browse-able' sections for participants to view. Facial, Bib/Number and time based searches are all possible. School and under 18's events are password protected when appropriate, with the password provided via organisers.  We offer organisers a % of photo sales as a 'Thank You' for assistance in marketing the photos.